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Main ingredients and mode of operation

ANTICELLULITE-LYPOLISIS concentrated serum is the newest concept of fight against cellulite originated thanks to this biotechnological method by which effective xantines are isolated form caffeine originated from green coffee.

Collection of xantines, derivative of caffeine and caffeine itself, is well known, effectively breaks down fat storehouses and prevent origin of new by blocking processes of building fat complexes.

Exact concentration of xantine is supplemented with new derivates of well known medicinal herb with proven anti-age properties green tea (Camellia Synensis) which impact as a molecular sponge, soaking free radicals and aiming at causes of inflammatory processes in the tissue which are responsible for skin collagen which occurs during forming and developing of cellulite.

In that way we got combined fat decomposers and anti-age factors complemented with microcapsules of vitamin E which improve state of the skin and make it more resistant to internal and external changes.

Gallati of green tea, famous as factors of improving state of blood vessels, and this is one of the 3 main factors with fat deposition and inflammatory changes for making of cellulite.

Effect and method of application

CONCENTRATED SERUM has effects that originate from intensive decomposition of fat depots, drainage and detoxification, improved structure of outlook of the skin of the regions affected by cellulite. Increased fat burning decreases pressure on surrounding tissue. . Decreasing of volume of the region that area originates and making of new fat depots and cellulite on typical regions such as riding trousers, thighs, buttocks and other regions: stomach, calves, back and arms is prevented. The same effect it has on quality of the skin which becomes tight, smooth and better hydrated. Moisturizing structure of the serum makes that it is easily absorbed not dried out. Special characteristic and opportunity are that it does not warm on the skin but gives mild internal feeling of warming which lasts and which is sign of fat burning. Because of that it is suitable for summer and winter treatments. Serum does not grease so there is no need for wiping after application and packing. Scent is pleasant which contributes to relaxation and pleasant feeling. The product does not cause irritations, allergies, photosensitization, and mutations.

WAY OF USE: apply gel one to twice a day by rubbing in critical areas. It is ideal after pilling. (Dermamea) For more aggressive treatment you need to package foil. It can be applied with increased physical activity, after manual massage, apparatus treatments. It is also applied with infra red beta. Results are visible after 7-15 days depending on the region. Only for external use.
It does not contain parabens, mineral or silicone oils.