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During previous decade of pioneer application advancement of intensive apparatus and meso therapeutic treatments of cellulite and lipolysis of fat deposits, as a connoisseur of supplements and ingredients for losing weight and anti-age, I recommend Anticellulite-Lipolysis concentrated serum to be used as:

  1. Intensive independent treatment against first stadiums, for decreasing of volume. For home care when it can be your only treatment.
  2. Preparation for use in salons, as addition for cellulite treatment by appliances at developed cellulite changes.
  3. Preparation for continuation of care at home after other treatments.
  4. Preparation for winter maintaining of previously achieved results of freeing of cellulite.

Dermamea serum smoothes regions with cellulite, decreases critical volumes of slim young women and helps at losing weight easing speed of results of diet and fitness. The product is pleasant for carrying, using in warm conditions – it does not have effects of burning so there is no danger for blood vessels. It is suitable for winter treatments with obligatory packaging.

*It is especially important that pregnant women can use it.
It can be freely sad that everyone in home conditions can achieve practically treatment of mezo therapy without needles.

Dr Branka Krkljuš, Master of Medicine and Nutrition