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About us

Hedera Vita cosmetics was developed on old pharmaceutical recopies, natural ingredients and new realizations in cosmetology and technology.

Knowledge, proficiency and experience made a small successful company which deals with production of cosmetic products for body care and protection and which with giant steps walks towards in winning of new markets. everything started several years ago when a small galenical production was started and by traditional pharmaceutical formulations, creating of original cosmetic products started.

All products are made by own formulations with use of raw material of a natural origin and they are made in well organized, small manufacturing plant.

The production was synchronized with regulations of European Union and they are compeletely suitable to high standards for cosmetics.

In each single product exceptional quality, freshness, innovation and imagination of young creative people who work in Hedera Vita is united.

Satisfaction of consumers of Hedera Vita cosmetics is praise to knowledge, skill and enormous endeavour invested in every single product which with pride has name Hedera Vita.

Selling places of Hedera Vita cosmetics in Srebia you can see here.

Olgica Samoilović
Goran Petrović
Sales Manager
Ljubica Bogdanović
and finance
Milorad Protić
Marija Milutinović
Assistant technologist
Head of retail